How to Install WordPress on Azure as an app service

First of all, if you don’t want the headache with the on-prem cloud building a great choice to use the public cloud, in this case, the Azure. It is free to use in the first month, also you can get 200€ worth of credit. If you pass the first “trial” month you can go further with the pay-as-you-go model.

You can register here

If you did just follow this step-by-step guide.

Open the log in and choose the “Create a resource” button.

At the Market Place, you can browse the WordPress and click Create

Fill out the form, in my case, I used these

  • App name: justanitengineersblog
  • Subscription: Free Trial
  • Resource Group: I’ve used an existing, but feel free to click to Create new and type any name
  • Database Provider: Azure Database for MySQL
  • App Service plan/Location: You can leave it on Default.
  • Database: on the next picture will show the details
  • Application Insights: Leave it on default

Database: You can leave them on default values, however use the sliders to calculate a smaller fee (In my case it will costs like 56 €. With 1 core which os more than enough if you just want to play with it costs only 23,32 € so the basic plan is more than enough.

Click ok after you specified the admin login name and Password.

Finalize the configuration and click Create

The deployment is in progress.

A couple of moments later you will get a “Deployment succeeded” notification

You could choose between WordPress with the Ubuntu server, in this case, you will get this service as a Virtual Machine, but if you choose as an App Service at the end of the month it will be cheaper. So go to your App Service and check the Overview option.

Click to the Browse button and tadam, you got your fresh Word Press Site. Choose your prefered language and clock Continue.

On the next page, you have to provide the Site Title, the Username and Password, also your e-mail address. Don’t forget you can log in to the WP-Admin page with these credentials.

On the next page click Log In.

And here you have to type your credentials provided on the previous page

As you can see the site page, in this case, which is great, but maybe you would like to have a custom domain like As my Azure Subscription is in the “Free Subscription” category (Trial month) this is not possible. You have to change to the pay-as-you-go subscription (Where your 200€ credit will be lost) but if you want just to play around, you have to live with this long URL (Also available for your friends so you can share your WP page all around the internet)

Here is your first Azure WordPress site

You can set up Themes and write your first blog post.

After you click Publish and Update It will appear on you newly created WordPress site.

As I already mentioned the custom domain is not eligible with the Free Subscription, however you site will run under HTTPS. The SSL Certificate provided by the you have to just turn it on

So here we are.

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