How to Design the network for a WordPress site at home

It is a little bit of a tricky question. My ISP provided 2 Static Public IP Address for free, (it shows as dynamic but does not change). I will show you a visio plan about my network topology.

From left to right.

WWW means the public Internet, the public IP address provided by the ISP and the next hop is the ISP’s Router. Here I have a FireWall which filters the traffic in Layer 7 (protocol filtering) the next hop is my Private Router. It has been set up like this: the first half of the subnet excluded from the router, and it can use only the other half of the subnet for DHCP. The first half is for the static devices like server, FW, VPN etc.

So the DHCP provides more than enough IP address for the ipad, phones, smart tv etc.

The next hop is the Hyper-V server. It has been set up to share the network card with the router’s settings, hence the subnet is the first half of the subnet. The next hop is the nginx server. Yes I put an nginx reverse proxy before the WordPress sites. Much easier to use subdomains and domains with 1 public Ip Address for differents public domain name.

It was simple and cheap to build up this topology, however the nginx part was really hard…

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