How to connect remotely to your Raspberry Pi

This one is a rookie question and easy to answer. Most of the Microsofts guys are asking is there any RemoteDesktop mode to get the desktop experience in Raspi? Yeah, most of the guys think first for the TeamViewer. This is not a good solution. As the Team Viewer running mostly on x86 computers, hence for the Raspberry Pi is not the ideal solution (Because of ARM Architecture). You can force this method emulating with WINE, but it is a real hustle.

The real solution is VNC Viewer. If you are using it only for personal use, then its free. To get it enabled just run a terminal on your Pi. Run the following command (after the $ symbol)

pi@raspi:~ $ sudo raspi-config

Choose the number 5 “Interfacing Options”

On next window Choose the P3 VNC option

Accept the question.

And here we are. The VNC Server is enabled.

Exit from the raspi config, and on the right top corner choose the VNC icon and open it.

From a short registration choose the standard registration. (Called maybe Cloud or something). With this you are able to connect to your Pi even if you have dynamic public IP. Cool Yeah? You don’t need external Display in case of trouble only. I am using with these settings my VNC

One more thing. You have to install the client to your Windows or Linux or Mac Machine. Sign in and at the computers it will appear. If you want to delete from your list, you have to sign in to the VNC Web Page, and you can delete the computer object only from that site.

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